Congressman Roger Williams

Representing the 25th District of Texas

Health Care

“We want doctors and patients – not Washington bureaucrats – to make healthcare decisions.” – Congressman Roger Williams
I believe the key to healthcare reform is to empower patients and doctors and to limit the role of the federal government. There needs to be a marketplace where individuals can make their own healthcare decisions. Consumers should be able to shop across state lines, which will create more competition. As a result, premiums would go down and services go up. Consumers also need to own their own healthcare – not their employer, and not the federal government – and it needs to be tax deductible.
As a result of Obamacare, premiums are skyrocketing around the country. President Obama broke his promise that if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it. He also broke his promise that the average American family would save $2500 annually, when in reality premiums have risen by $3704 for the average family.
I am committed to repealing Obamacare and putting individuals back in charge of their healthcare decisions.