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Pelosi’s Partisanship Derails Appropriations

Aug 5, 2021

Every year Congress is given the power to set spending for important governmental functions, programs, and agencies. This important responsibility in our legislative branch of government sets the stage for how legislators will spend and allocate American taxpayer dollars. Unfortunately, this year’s appropriations process has become a complete sham process by the Democrats. Their out-of-touch $760 billion appropriations package makes it clear they would rather fund their liberal wish-list agenda than address the pressing challenges that hardworking Texans and Middle America face. This price tag will add more than $1.1 trillion to the already $28 trillion national debt over the next 10 years with no solution in sight to balance or offset this enormous debt. Democrats have made it clear during this appropriation process they are more concerned with expanding their progressive base and increasing federal government spending, than finding bipartisan solutions.

As Democrats pushed their partisan priorities to force pro-life taxpayers to pay for abortions services and fund environmental justice causes, I remained focused on addressing issues most important to Texans families and businesses. This year I was proud to introduce seven amendments that addressed a variety of priorities for my constituents. I introduced amendments that would fund programs to provide affordable and accessible broadband to rural Texans; help schools surrounding Fort Hood provide the best possible educational opportunities for military and Texan families; protect law abiding gun owners from being subjected to gun buyback programs and unchecked red flag laws; and better support students pursue technical training programs over costly 4-year degrees. Democrats and Speaker Pelosi rejected these important efforts and ignored my constituents most pressing concerns.

Speaker Pelosi continues to lead the most partisan Congresses we’ve ever seen, and this appropriations process has been a testament of the Democrats priority to fulfill their progressive agenda and appease the liberal elite. My Republican colleagues and I stand opposed to continued unnecessary government spending and remain focused on representing the concerns of hardworking constituents who entrust their legislators to spend their taxpayer dollars on issues most important to them.