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A Nation of Law and Order

Oct 1, 2020

This month in Los Angeles, our nation witnessed the war on police in action. Fervent calls to “defund the police” have now turned into eliminate the police at any and all costs. Onlookers stood by as an armed gunman approached a police vehicle and shot the two officers sitting inside. Protesters then showed up at the hospital where they were being treated and shouted, “I hope they f------ die."

How did we get to this point?

We’ve seen the beginning of this story right here in Austin where the city council voted to cut $150 million from the police budget, defunding 911 programs and marine search and rescue, among other vital areas. And a few months ago in Minneapolis, the same city council that voted to dismantle the police department is now shockingly concerned about the rise in crime.

Police officers keep us safe; they protect the wellbeing of our children and the livelihoods of our small businesses. They stand guard over our Friday night football games and answer every call regardless of circumstance. They are vital to maintaining law and order.


While it has become popular to kneel for everything and stand for very little, I will not bow down to the mob that demonizes law enforcement. I will not characterize an entire institution as evil based on the behavior of an isolated few, nor will I stay quiet as violence continues in communities across the country. That is not the America we know.

This country was founded on the principles of law and order, where the law rules the land – and under it, we are all equal. Such liberty and equality are unique traits that run deep in the fabric of our young nation; traits we should be working together to achieve more perfectly every waking moment. We may have a long road ahead of us, but the chaos and depravity we are witnessing in our streets and on our televisions only serve to set us back. Sadly, some seem content to enable it and are using law enforcement as the pawn in their game.


If my Democratic colleagues are so inclined to “fix” American law enforcement in order to “restore” order, then why don’t they follow the same approach they’ve taken with every other issues of consequence, which is to put more money toward a solution? The most effective course of action we can take is to invest, not divest. Rather than slashing crucial funding that enables officers to better protect our communities, we should be investing in greater training and resources.

Republicans, along with the Trump administration, have made tremendous strides to rebuild our military and put more money into training and new equipment, remedying decades of modernization setbacks. We should apply the same standard to improving and supporting our law enforcement personnel so we can begin the road to restoring order in our nation.

In God we trust,

Roger Williams

Member of Congress