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A Newsletter from Roger Williams: March 28, 2016

Mar 28, 2016
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A Newsletter from Roger Williams

Apply for an Internship in my Washington Office

This Thursday is the last day for students to apply for a summer internship in my Washington, D.C. office.

Interns play a vital role in day-to-day functions: they are asked to answer phones, research legislation for the Member and legislative staff and attend hearings and briefings.

As a result, interns will learn firsthand knowledge about the legislative process and the many functions of a congressional office.

I was pleased to welcome Alan and Samantha who interned in my office this fall; I was appreciative of their hard work.

Although all internships in my offices are unpaid, students gain invaluable work experience.

The hours are flexible to accommodate students' schedules but generally run 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. when Congress is in session and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. when in recess.

To apply for an internship in my D.C. office, please email your resume, cover letter and a list of references to Hanna Allred at


My Statement on the Terrorist Attacks in Brussels

My thoughts and prayers are with our friends as we learn more of the terrorist attacks in Brussels. I echo the sentiment expressed by several European leaders who have proclaimed, ‘We are at war.’

Last week I joined KEYE-TV in Austin to express my sadness and frustrations with the policies that I believe contributed to the terrorist attacks in Brussels. Click here or on the image above to watch.

In order to provide for the safety and security of our nation, we must first admit the real threat that radical Islam imposes on all of us. We have to close the gaps in border security.

We must implement more accountability in the larger Islamic community, where leaders must denounce the actions of Muslims whom they say "do not represent Islam."

In December, I wrote an op-ed for The Washington Times based on this very issue titled, The real threat to America: Obama refuses to recognize Islamic extremism. 


Why the Senate Should Deny Garland Hearings

While Barack Obama, as president, has a right to nominate a Supreme Court justice, my colleagues in the United States Senate have an authority to deny confirmation hearings for Judge Merrick Garland, who does not live up to the standard set by Justice Scalia – the foremost defender of our nation’s founding document.

I believe the American people, in choosing their next president in November, should have a greater role in determining who should fill a vacancy on our nation’s highest court for a lifetime. There are precedents for this, for example:

Before he was President, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois opposed George W. Bush's Supreme Court Nominee, Samuel Alito.

Years earlier, then Senator Joe Biden of Delaware said on the Senate floor that if President George H. W. Bush "presses an election-year nomination, the Senate Judiciary Committee should seriously consider not scheduling confirmation hearings on the nomination until after the political campaign season is over.”


Honoring Baseball Great, Brooks Robinson


As chair of the Congressional Baseball Caucus, it was my honor to introduce Hall of Fame third-baseman Brooks Robinson to my colleagues on Capitol Hill.

Brooks’ hospitality, charm and incredible baseball stories brought us together for some bipartisan laughter and praise.


As a former ball player, I helped form the Congressional Baseball Caucus in 2013 as a way for Members of Congress to hear from professional athletes and other individuals involved in the sport.

I can’t think of a better way to set aside our political differences than to get together once in a while and hear from baseball legends, discuss important issues about the game and enjoy each other’s company.


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