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An America Last Agenda

Jan 25, 2021

In the 117th Congress, I remain committed to upholding conservative principles and fighting for freedom and liberty on behalf of all Texans. Now is not the time to pause. We have many challenges facing our nation and it’s time to get to work. We have made many great strides over the last four years, and it is my hope that America continues to be a beacon of light to the world.


An America Last Agenda

President Biden wasted no time fulfilling his campaign promises to enact the radical Left’s agenda. Less than 24 hours after being sworn into office, he has made our nation, and its future, less safe.

Not only did the President eliminate nearly 11,000 jobs by revoking the permit for the Keystone KL Pipeline, he rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, which will cause a loss of 400,000 jobs and raise energy costs on American families in the midst of a public health crisis. In addition to taking livelihoods from hardworking Americans, he has chosen to put the safety of the American people in jeopardy. 

As one of his first presidential acts, he proposed a bill to Congress that grants amnesty to nearly 11 million illegal immigrants, 1.7 million who are in Texas. I strongly oppose granting citizenship to anyone who entered our country illegally.  While we welcome those who come through the proper channels, this move rewards those who break our laws.  Keeping Texas families safe should be our highest priority.  By removing safeguards against illegal border crossings and visa overstays, we are failing the families that we represent.

I remain a strong advocate for barriers along our southern border and applaud President Trump’s tireless efforts to extend the border wall.  While the Biden Administration threatens to tear down existing miles of barriers, in Texas, we know that walls work.  They make us safer. 

The wall’s construction not only significantly curved illegal drug smuggling; it also reduced the need for additional manpower as apprehensions decreased by nearly 70%.  Customs and Border Patrol also experienced a significant reduction in human smuggling operations where the wall was erected.

Today, as we are fighting a global pandemic that has ravaged our healthcare system, wrecked our economy and closed our schools, thousands of Honduran migrants are headed north through Mexico intent on crossing the U.S. southern border with the expectation of amnesty from the Biden Administration. This is a tragedy. 

Unfortunately, President Biden’s actions not only make clear just how far left his liberal wish list is, but how unfocused he is on our nation’s security, risking the lives of border agents, and encouraging another immigration crisis. He has effectively placed the safety of the American people in the back seat with a slap in the face to every individual in our society who worked hard to become a legal citizen of our great nation.

As your voice in Congress, I’ll work every day to put Texans first by fighting back against these dangerous policies that put our communities in jeopardy.

In God we trust,

Roger Williams

Member of Congress