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Come and Read It Report

Sep 12, 2017

Dear Friends,

After a delay in the voting schedule due to Hurricane Irma, we are headed back up to Washington today to get back to work. Here are some updates from last week as well as a glance into this week:

Hurricane Harvey Relief Update

Last Friday, within three weeks of Hurricane Harvey hitting the Texas Coast, the House voted on, and passed, relief funding for those affected by the largest flood in our nation's history. It is humbling to watch our nation and my colleagues come together in such a critical time. However, to say I am disappointed in this over-packaged funding would be an understatement. This hurricane relief funding was manipulated by opportunistic lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to include a Continuing Resolution (CR) and a debt ceiling increase. I will continue to be there for our fellow Texans in their hour of need, which is why I voted in favor of this package that included the first down payment for flood victims. You can find my full statement on the matter here.

Responding to DACA

Last week, President Donald Trump announced that Congress would have a six month period to reevaluate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program. President Obama's executive actions were unconstitutional - I am glad we have an administration that recognizes the importance of the rule-of-law. Congress needs to do its job, and as we begin to debate this important issue, it is my hope that we pursue legislation that makes our country safer and stronger. We need to do all of this with the goal of inspiring people to legally pursue the American Dream.

Legislative Update

Last week: I attended two subcommittee hearings and questioned witnesses on behalf of the House Committee on Financial Services. You can catch up on those hearings here and here

In addition to voting on 45 pieces of legislation, I co-sponsored five pieces of legislation: H.R. 2909, H.R. 2723, H.R. 2359, H.R. 3312, and H.R. 1849, as well as three pieces of pending legislation, the TRID Improvement Act, the Community Institution Mortgage Relief Act and the Facilitating Access to Credit Act 

This week: I'll be attending and questioning witnesses during the House Committee on Financial Services Subcommittee on Monetary Policy and Trade - a subcommittee for which I serve as Vice Chair. You can watch this hearing LIVE tomorrow, on September 13th. 

We'll also be voting on H.R. 3354, the Make America Secure and Prosperous Act, 2018. This bill provides Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 funding to be appropriated to certain federal government departments. Be on the lookout in the days to come for a full statement on the matter. 

I have included some articles and releases you may find interesting located on the right side of this newsletter. It is an honor and privilege to represent the people of Texas’ 25th Congressional District and as always, please reach out to me with any issues and concerns that are important to you.


Roger Williams

Member of Congress