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Come and Read It Report

Jun 25, 2018

Dear Texans,

As a small business owner for my entire working life, I spent the past three terms in Congress fighting for tax cuts that would allow for Main Street to begin breathing again. In the last six months since Republicans in Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it is evident that American families and businesses are feeling its impact on every street corner.

Small business optimism is at an all-time high across Texas’ 25th District, and around the nation, due to employers increasing their workforce, reinvesting into their operations, and raising wages. As a result, over one million jobs have been created, which has brought unemployment down to 3.8 percent – the lowest in years.

All of this is great, but we’re not done yet. I am continuing to work to strengthen the economy and make tax cuts permanent for families and workers. We will fight year after year to make America more competitive, and to keep our tax code simpler, flatter, and fairer.

Farm Bill Update

Last week, I voted ‘yes’ on behalf of Texas farmers and ranchers who are the foundation of our agricultural system in the United States, and around the world. Though I recognize the importance of this legislation for our country, this is a missed opportunity. The well-being of our farmers should not be hitched to a welfare program that has grown unchecked for far too long. The entitlement reforms authorized in this bill are a good start, but we must continue to address cost-laden programs that discourage putting Americans back to work. Click here for my full statement.

Legislative Update

Last week: in addition to voting on 18 pieces of legislation, I cosponsored H.R. 1038, the Improving Transparency and Accuracy in Medicare Part D Spending Act. I also participated in a Financial Services Committee markup where we advanced three bills to the House floor: H.R. 5970, the Modernizing Disclosures for Investors ActH.R. 6130, the Helping Startups Continue to Grow Act; and H.R. 6139, the Improving Investment Research for Small and Emerging Issuers Act.

This week: tomorrow, I will be participating a Financial Services Subcommittee hearing on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit at 1:00pm CT. I'll also be participating in a full Committee hearing Wednesday at 9:00am CT to receive testimony from Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson in regards to oversight of the Department. Lastly, the Committee will have our fourth and final markup of the month to debate and vote on eight bills:

  • H.R. 1511, the Homeless Children and Youth Act of 2017
  • H.R. 1611, the Gender Diversity in Corporate Leadership Act of 2017
  • H.R. 2069, the Fostering Stable Housing Opportunities Act of 2017
  • H.R. 3555, the Exchange Regulatory Improvement Act
  • H.R. 5036, the Financial Technology Protection Act
  • H.R. 6021, the Small Business Audit Correction Act of 2018
  • H.R. 6177, the Developing and Empowering our Aspiring Leaders Act
  • The Expanding Investment in Small Business Act

It is an honor and privilege to represent the people of Texas’ 25th Congressional District and as always, please reach out to me with any issues and concerns that are important to you.

In God we trust,

Roger Williams

Member of Congress