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Together, we will push forward

May 28, 2015

This week, Texas has been dealt an unkind hand. For the last five years our state has experienced a drought so severe it has reduced water levels to historic lows and brought conservation efforts to all time highs. Lakes and reservoirs have been nearly bone dry. Wildfires have been a constant threat. Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, we were delivered what we so desperately needed but far too much in too short of time. In a 180 degree turn of events, flood waters have impacted thousands of Texans. The last few days have been marked by death, destruction and disbelief.
I've met with first responders in Hays County, toured flood damage and spoke to the National Guard and regional FEMA officers about response and recovery operations in the affected areas.

While we are currently in a period of shock and mourning, I am certain the strong Texas spirit of resolve, which I reference so often, will prove more powerful than Mother Nature’s fury. We are going to take care of each other, look out for our neighbors and together, push forward.

As soon as state officials conclude their damage assessments, I will stand behind their efforts and work with them to ensure a full recovery of these communities. I will remain in communication with people on the ground and relay updates to you as they come. I assure you we will rebound from this tragedy quickly and fully.   

In an effort to help facilitate that process I have included general contact information below that might be of help to you and your families.  

For continuous updates in real time, please consider following me on social media.

Let us continue to pray for our state.

Emergency Contact Information

Austin Disaster Relief Network

Austin/ Central Texas Road Closures

Central Texas Chapter of the American Red Cross

Hays County Emergency Information

Wimberley Flood Information

U.S. Government Flood Information

Safe and Well Registry

Red Cross Shelters