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Roger Williams Response to Amendment Review

Nov 24, 2015
Press Release

This is why people are so tired of politics. A laughable "charge" has been brought on by an editor of a publication backed by billionaire liberal George Soros. For years, the so-called Center for Public Integrity has mounted countless attacks against Republicans under the false description as a “nonpartisan” “news organization” (and I use those quotations intentionally because this organization is neither).  
The fact is that there is no ethics investigation against me. During public debate of the recently passed transportation bill on the floor of the United States House of Representatives, I offered a one word, technical amendment that would affect thousands of auto dealers industry-wide because today, not all automotive safety recalls are created equal. Dealers should not be forced to ground vehicles for a misprint or a peeled sticker.
That's it. Let's not forget that my technical amendment passed the House unanimously, which in the current state of Congress, can only mean that it was a glaringly commonsensical fix. Let me be clear that my amendment does not protect dealers from future lawsuits that could strip away their livelihoods.
I chose to apply some common sense to legislation that specifically intended to further over regulate small businesses and increase burdens on Main Street while they are still trying to survive in this Obama economy. As the piece correctly stated, I have extensive experience in actually running a business – that’s something I am proud of and something most in Washington, D.C. know nothing about. It is precisely why the people of my district sent me to Washington.
Unless a Member is a career politician, like Hillary Clinton, they have probably had at least one prior job. Should those Members excuse themselves from engaging in debate that affects the industries or sectors they know best? In my opinion, absolutely not.
Are Members of Congress who are doctors engaged in conflicts of interest when they vote on Medicare, Medicaid or NIH funding? Are Members of Congress who are involved in real estate engaged in conflicts of interest when they vote on public housing or tax credits? What about CPAs in Congress who would be affected by tax reform? How about lawyers and tort reform?
My minor, technical amendment reined in the federal government. I remain committed to continuing to fight for my district, for my state and for all Americans against an administration that continues to choke small businesses.
This country has suffered immensely under Barack Obama’s failed anti-growth policies. I will proudly stand on the courthouse square in any city in my district at high noon on any day of the week and defend small businesses against this run-away federal government, run by career politicians and protected by a biased liberal media.

As for this "charge" from George Soros' organization?  What a joke.

 - Rep. Roger Williams

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