Congressman Roger Williams

Representing the 25th District of Texas

Williams: Act Now on Tax Reform

Mar 30, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) took to the House floor to speak on tax reform.

Williams remarks are below:

“Mr. Speaker, I rise today to speak on tax reform. Many of my colleagues know this is a matter that I am the most passionate about. Mr. Speaker, I am a second-generation small business owner, and my daughters are third generation. I understand, firsthand, the impact that unfair, job killing taxes and regulations have on Main Street. I know what it’s like to nearly lose a family business that was built from the ground up, just because the federal government believes in a death tax. This, my friends, is a tax that strips families of the American dream they worked so hard to achieve. The inheritance tax takes money from folks who know how to use it to create jobs and donate to charities and puts it in the hands of those responsible for a 20 trillion dollar national debt. Mr. Speaker, I came up here to speak on behalf of the job creators that employ more than half of America’s workforce. These are the men and women who suffer directly from politicians’ knee-jerk reactions – politicians who have never met a payroll and have never worked in the private sector. Congress has talked about tax reform for decades, but we haven’t seen major reforms in 30 years. Well, again, I am asking this Congress and this president to act now.”

On Wednesday morning, Williams joined CNBC’s Squawk Box to talk about his tax reform plan, Jumpstart America.

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