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My Commitment to Texans

Sep 25, 2020

Our nation is facing a challenge unlike anything we’ve ever seen. There’s no question that our way of life has been disrupted due to this invisible enemy and while there is no rule book on how to overcome a global pandemic in the modern era, I remain focused on providing the resources to restore, rebuild and renew the Texan way of life so we emerge stronger than ever.

In fact, I have delivered nearly $217 million in relief funding for the 25th District for critical infrastructure repairs, health care providers, education, PPE for our first responders, and millions more for small businesses. By creating policies that support every corner of our communities, we are on track to restoring our way of life. While I don’t believe that the “new normal” will last forever, we must defeat the virus in order to keep America healthy. That’s why we are investing in expanded therapies to treat COVID-19 and I will continue partnering with local health officials to ensure they have the resources to best serve their patients so we can get Texans back to work.

Prior to the pandemic, we had historically low unemployment with more jobs than people. Along with my Republican colleagues, I helped build the greatest economy in a generation and I am committed to doing it once again. We will rebuild our economic dominance by adding millions of good-paying jobs across our communities and provide even greater support for Main Street America.

Over the last few months, 58,000 jobs in our district have been saved thanks to vital support from Congress through the Paycheck Protection Program. To keep the momentum going, we must utilize the remaining funds so that businesses receive further relief to continue serving our communities and provide liability protections for businesses as they reopen.

While parents go back to the workplace and students return to the classroom for in-person instruction this fall, we have an opportunity in front of us to renew the American Dream for every family. As a former educator, I firmly believe that by unlocking the potential of the next generation, we make our nation stronger. America is uniquely positioned in the world as the land of opportunity where everyone can succeed – it’s crucial we invest in every child as they develop new skills to one day thrive in the workforce.

I remain committed to pro-growth, pro-business and pro-family policies that bring Americans together and propel us forward, because we are and always will be the greatest nation in the world. Together, we will weather this storm.