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Congressman Williams Introduces School Security Bill

Feb 28, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R-Austin) introduced H.R. 5107, a bill that would authorize the Secretary of Education to create a grant program in order to provide local schools with the resources and funding necessary to keep students and teachers safe.
“Our top priority must be the safety of our nation’s children and keeping our schools safe. My bill, H.R. 5107, will direct the Secretary of Education to use the Department’s budget to set up a grant program.
“Schools may apply for a grant from the Department of Education in order to conduct an independent security assessment. These assessments will evaluate and recommend necessary security improvements such as metal detectors, safety training, bulletproof glass, and additional law enforcement on the ground.
“The ultimate mission of the Department must be securing our schools and protecting our students, and my bill will empower it do to so. Right now, students and teachers remain an open target to terrorism and passing this commonsense legislation should be a no-brainer.”

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