Congressman Roger Williams

Representing the 25th District of Texas

Congressman Williams reacts to Obama's gun control executive orders

Aug 30, 2013
Press Release

U.S. Congressman Roger Williams (R-TX25) responded to the White House's announcement that two new gun control measures have taken the form of executive actions.  His statement follows.

"President Obama's conniving executive actions are a blatant attack on law-abiding citizens.  These rules have nothing to do with curbing gun violence.  Rather, it's more red tape for citizens who follow the law and exercise their right to keep and bear arms.  Violent criminals are not in the market for antique, collectible guns, and they certainly aren't going through legal measures like gun registry.  Nobody will be safer or better off by enacting these orders.  When will the President stop attacking law-abiding gun owners with his irrational agenda?"

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