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Come and Read It Report

Dec 18, 2017

Dear Friends,

It's finally here! After over 30 years of an outdated and burdensome tax code, relief is here at our doorstep. On Friday, the Conference Committee on H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, released their unified version of the bill. We are expected to vote on it tomorrow, and I am more confident than ever that this bill will pass both the House and the Senate.

The Strengthening Oversight of Iran's Access to Finance Act

I am happy to report that last Thursday, my bill, H.R. 4324, the Strengthening Oversight of Iran's Access to Finance Act, passed the House with a vote of 252-167. This bill is not only important to U.S. financial institutions, but crucial to our national security. This vote demonstrates the urgency with which we must address the hostile actions of the Iranian regime. I share these concerns with Senators Cruz and Perdue, who introduced companion legislation in the U.S. Senate last month. You can find my full statement here.

The National Defense Authorization Act

Our country’s national security is absolutely paramount, and I am grateful that President Trump signed the FY18 NDAA in a swift and timely manner. When it comes to the safety of the United States, nothing can eclipse the need for this crucial funding that will help ensure our military readiness. As the representative of Fort Hood, this law will directly impact our servicemen and women by providing them with the biggest pay raise in eight years, as well as the equipment, resources and funding they need to be successful. Our American heroes are the finest fighting force in the world, and it’s time we start treating them as such. Full statement here.

Recognizing TX-25 Small Businesses

If you missed my letter last week, I am asking all small businesses located in our district to share their stories with me. To recognize our small business owners, I'd like to post their photos and memories on my official website and Facebook throughout the month of December. If you own a small business, or know someone who does, please submit your stories and photos here or by emailing You can also click here for more information.

Thinking of our Troops during Christmas

During this Christmas, I'd like to wish everyone in our district a safe and Merry Christmas filled with joy and loved ones. While most of us will be at home surrounded by family and friends, I encourage each of you to take some time to think about those in the 25th District of Texas who are unable to spend time with their husband or wife, mom or dad, son or daughter or sibling, because they are deployed elsewhere. Our servicemen and women at III Corps HQ and Fort Hood, and across the country, are selflessly serving our nation and fiercely fighting against ISIS. They are doing all of this to ensure our safety so we are able to spend time at home catching up with old friends and laughing around the Christmas tree together. This season, my thoughts and prayers will be with our troops and their families - I am forever thankful for their sacrifice and pray for their safe return.

Legislative Update

Last week: In addition to voting on 12 legislative items, I co-sponsored H. Res. 637, H.R. 4537, H.R. 3861, and H.R. 4182.

The Financial Services Committee held a two-day markup, where we voted on and passed 13 pieces of legislation that will now make their way to the House floor for final passage. If you missed the markup, you can find it here.

This week: As I stated earlier, we are scheduled to vote on the unified Tax Cuts and Jobs Act tomorrow. This is a remarkable time in Congress, and for all of America, and I am excited to be apart of these historic tax cuts. In addition to that, we'll be voting on H. J. Res. 124, Further Continuing Resolution.

It is an honor and privilege to represent the people of Texas’ 25th Congressional District and as always, please reach out to me with any issues and concerns that are important to you.                                                 

In God we Trust,

Roger Williams

Member of Congress