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Jul 4, 2020 Newsletter

Independence Day is rooted in the celebration of our history and the founding principles that formed our young nation. Every year on the Fourth of July, we reflect on the greatest experiment in freedom the world has ever known, and the extraordinary conviction it took to declare ourselves a self-governing people 244 years ago.

Jun 13, 2020 Newsletter

Recent events have made clear that we are failing our yo

May 30, 2020 Newsletter

The Constitution does not disappear simply because we are in the midst of a crisis, despite House Democrats' political ploy.

May 23, 2020 Newsletter

Though our remembrance celebrations look different on this Memorial Day weekend, we pause to honor the men and women of our Armed Forces who made the ul

May 20, 2020 Newsletter

I will be hosting another live Telephone Town Hall tomorrow, May 21, 2020 at 11:00am CT to provide an update on the federal response to COVID-19 along with resources for business owners and employees. Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Executive Director Ed Serna will be joining us to provide insight on Texas-specific unemployment resources.

May 16, 2020 Newsletter

Responding to COVID-19 and reopening our economy requires a bipartisan, measured response. Instead of bringing the House back to Washington D.C. over the last few weeks to work on legislation to help move our nation forward, Speaker Pelosi and Democrats introduced a $3 trillion spending bill that even the media knew wouldn't become law.

May 9, 2020 Newsletter

As we begin taking steps to gradually and safely reopen our economy, I was grateful for the opportunity this week to visit with business owners, first responders and health care providers in the 25th District.

Apr 16, 2020 Newsletter

As we continue navigating these uncertain times, it's important to remember that the small steps we are taking right now are helping to flatten the impact of the coronavirus in our communities down the road. I want to take a moment to thank all of our 25th District front line workers who are protecting our families and keeping food on our tables.

Apr 4, 2020 Newsletter

Small businesses are the heartbeat of the American economy, and they are suffering right now at no fault of their own.

Apr 2, 2020 Newsletter

We all share responsibility in helping slow the spread of COVID-19. Even if you're young, your actions can still put others at risk, which is why it's vital that we follow instructions from health officials to stay home unless absolutely necessary.