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Jan 28, 2020 Newsletter

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” In the Declaration of Independence, our Founding Fathers asserted that life is an unalienable right, formed in the image of our Creator.

Jan 24, 2020 Newsletter

It was a great week traveling across the 25th District. Meeting with constituents, spending time in our diverse communities and celebrating the accomplishments of our neighbors always energizes me to keep fighting to make Washington, D.C. more like Texas. It's a privilege to hear from you and take your feedback with me to Congress. Take a look below at some of our recent stops.

Jan 17, 2020 Newsletter

A striking contrast was captured on Capitol Hill this week: as Democrats gloated over sending their ph

Jan 10, 2020 Newsletter

Make no mistake: Qassim Soleimani was a terrorist. He had the blood of over six hundred American men and women on his hands and was responsible for injuring thousands more. President Trump made the right decision to take him out and our world is safer because he is no longer in it. Let's also be clear that this was not an act of war. 

Dec 31, 2019 Newsletter

As this year comes to an end and we enter into the new decade, I want to share with you some of our milestones from 2019. I was proud to participate in 112 events in all 13 counties of the 25th District, including public town halls, coffees and round-tables.

Dec 13, 2019 Newsletter

As we head into the final legislative week of the year, not only will we be voting on the USMCA and government funding, we'll be taking up the Democrats' baseless 

Dec 6, 2019 Newsletter

While Democrats remain fixated on impeachment in Washington, November's ne

Nov 28, 2019 Newsletter

As we gather together with our loved ones today, I want to take a moment to reflect with gratitude on the great blessing we have living the United States of America. 

Nov 22, 2019 Newsletter

True bipartisan victories are rare on Capitol Hill, and we happen to be staring at one right in front of us: the USMCA. Instead of accepting this win for Texas and our nation, House Democrats are more interested in pursuing political theater in the hallowed halls of Congress.